Sunday, March 11, 2012

Credit Score - Not

Many people are confused about what their credit score or fico scores are calculated from.  These are some of the items that might be found on your credit report but are not part of the credit score calculation.

This information really has nothing to do with the credit guidelines for a VA Loan other than they are things that might show up on your report.  I've created this post because I get so many questions from people about this stuff.  You can check out the actual guidelines at: .

Rental Agreements:  These only show up on your report if you live in an apartment complex and you don't pay your rent.  Many apartment complexes do report to credit reporting agencies if you get far behind in rent and/or move while you still owe them money or if you damage the apartment.  If this occurs it does have an impact on your score.  If it does not happen, rental agreements don't even show up on the report and of course are not calculated in your score.

Marital Status:  This has absolutely no impact on your score.  However, your report will show accounts that you are jointly on with your spouse or previous spouse, or any other person.  The status of that account is considered in the score.  Again, they don't care if you are married, divorced, or whatever.  They only look at account history.

Age:  Your date of birth is on your report but not part of score calculation.  If it is or ever does, ... I'm Telling My Mom!!

Salary:  Absolutely not in the calculation of your score.

Occupation:  Not in calculation.

Employment History:  This is not used in calculation but may show up on your report.

Receipt of Public Assistance:  Not on Report or in score.

Here is a short video that covers the above information:

If you go to our va guidelines site and cannot find the answers to your questions send us an email from the site and we will help find the answer for you.

Good Luck.

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