Monday, December 1, 2008

VA Mortgage Occupancy Requirements

VA loan occupancy requirements are easy to understand when you remember that this guaranteed loan was created to serve our veterans, and only our veterans. When this mortgage was first created it was welcomed by all as there were very few options available on the market.

As more options became available this guaranteed loan was used less and less because of the strict inspection and home repair requirements. Frankly, there were conventional loans on the market that were easier to get into and also offered zero down.

I guess those times are over and now this loan will become more requested and used. Qualification may not be so easy but those that do are truly blessed. VA and FHA may be the only zero down loans available in the future. Who knows?

Like I said, occupancy requirements are fairly simple. The qualifying Veteran must certify that he or she will occupy this home as their primary residence. Simple?

Well it is simple until you remember the life of a Veteran on active duty. In that case the occupancy of the veterans spouse will qualify until he is able.

We all know how complicated the government tries to make things so there are a few more things you need to look out for but it is easy to understand. The full details of VA Loan Occupancy Requirements can be read on this site.

Good Luck and Thank You for serving!